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We welcome diversity and sing our differences in harmony, without fear.



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Mission Statements


Vision Statement at the Founding of Stone Church (1946)

We are -

  • The church of the warm heart, the open mind, the adventurous spirit that cares,
    heals, comforts, challenges;
  • That knows no division of color or class or frontier;
  • That inquires and looks forward as well as backward;
  • The church of the Master, and of the people;
  • A working, worshipping, winsome church;
  • That interprets the truth and challenges its times;
  • That inspires courage for this life, and hope for the life to come.


- Adopted by Session March 14, 1995
- Reaffirmed by Session March 9, 2006

Our mission is to live our faith as a congregation, inspired by Jesus Christ as individuals and as a corporate body, and to move forward in our mission of peace within our church, our community and the world. We covenant to:

  • Be stewards of God's Word and Actions;
  • Develop strong lay leadership;
  • Provide for the regular worship of God in accord with Presbyterian precepts and traditions;
  • Be Christian educators with each other in all facets of our lives;
  • In the spirit of Psalm 78, to teach our sons and daughters, that it might be known to a future generation, to children yet unborn to put their trust in God, to hold God's great acts ever in mind and to keep God's commandments;
  • Welcome diversity and sing our differences in harmony and without fear;
  • Constantly expand our service to our community and to the world through mission outreach;
  • Support each other in living our faith at home and in our work in the world.


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