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Christian Education

Adult Education

The church offers a variety of learning opportunities for adults. Sunday morning classes are led by the pastors, church members or visitors with expertise on particular topics. About once each year the church provides a lecture series, open to the public, led by a nationally known speaker.

The current Adult Education offerings are summarized on the Adult Education web page, available by clicking Here. Also, outlines are in the current online Stone News.

The (approximately) annual lectures are known as the Henrietta Perdue Memorial Lecture Series. For more information on these, including a brief summary of past and future speakers, click Here.

Youth Group

Regular youth meetings are being held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. From 5PM to 6PM there are programs for Middle School and for High School. Then from 6PM to 7PM the groups join for homemade dinners and fun activities.

Seasonal activities include the rock-a-thon, straw maze trip, volunteering, swim parties, and camping. Also, annual Mission trips are an important part of our yearly calendar. Click Here for more information about activities.

A single form needs to be completed and returned to the church for activities that take place away from church. This Waiver and Release Form has been updated and now applies to all youth from 6th through 12th grade. Click Here to obtain a printable copy, then fill out and return to the church.

Church School (during Sunday Worship)

Children 4 yrs old - 5th graders attend the first 20 minutes of the Sunday worship service (through the children's message) then are excused to attend Church School. The only exception is on the first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday, when children will meet in the Fireside Room before service at 9:30am and rejoin the congregation to celebrate communion. Church school release time is 10:50am, which gives parents about 20 minutes to enjoy social time while children finish their lessons.

Our children's mission project is to provide move in packages for prior homeless persons who will receive permanent housing. The children of Stone are partnering up with Destination Home / Housing 1000 who are committed to provide housing for 1000 of our homeless in our community. Children are encouraged to bring in quarters weekly to fill our coin tower. To find out more about this organization visit the Housing 1000 web site.

  • Children 4 years old - Third Grade

    Children 4 years old through 3rd grade meet each Sunday in the Fireside room to hear the word of God through a new exciting curriculum "Holy Moly," a new interactive way of teaching the bible. Each week a short catchy video is shown about the bible story for that week. Then age appropriate groups divide up to do activities that support the story.

    At Stone we are privileged to have a wonderful children's choir directed by Peggy Spool. The children perform for the congregation times during the school year.

    Children also have a garden area which everyone is invited to participate and benefit.

    We always welcome visitors and encourage our children to bring friends with them to Church School. We are always looking for talented adult angels to help.

  • Fourth Graders and up

    Children from 4th grade and higher meet downstairs in room 4 under the leadership of Deborah Crim. The "We Believe" curriculum will be used. The children will also be creating a handmade house quilt to support our mission project.

We always welcome visitors and encourage our children to bring friends with them to Church School.

Registration form for Church School

If you would like to register your child(ren) for this year's Church School, a printable form is available for that purpose; click Here for it. Just print it out, fill in the information and return to the Church office.

For more information ...

For more information about Church School events, programs or how to register your child(ren) for Church School contact Mary Jo Blazek at the church office.

In Conclusion

Important aspects of our program include educating the children about the sacraments, stewardship and mission. Special events each year include 4th grade Bible Sunday, recycling to benefit Heifer, monthly food collections, making Advent Wreaths and the Children's Musical. Contact the Church Office if you have questions about any of the above programs.


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