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Websites for Christian Educators free online theological videos on faith formation curated by the Presbyterian Synod of Mid-America.  The first video is on lessons for new members.   The second video helps Ruling Elders and Deacons better understand the ministry they've been called to.
Presbyterian Association of  Resource Centers: offers advice on appropriate Bible mobile apps for children, teen websites, and other online resources. Low-cost membership available.
United Methodist Church Daily Digest: offers short, daily, news articles and videos.
Different Voice: is an ecumenical website for Christian educators that provides daily email, blog, articles, file sharing, product reviews, and more. All of the content is currently free, with a "set your own membership fee" policy. Tim Gossett and Sally Hoelscher, two United Methodist Christian educators in Iowa, run this website.
Living the Questions: is a source of progressive curriculum and media for people exploring Christianity.
GenON Ministries: Designed for busy families who want to grow body, mind and spirit, and who want support and encouragement.
The Thoughtful Christian:an online marketplace including books and downloadable resources that are perfect for Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, or individual reflection.
Visual Parables helps church leaders find good films for teaching and lectionary, discover the theological and ethical themes in them, and suggest ways that the films can enrich the church's ministry.
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Check Out Our Resources on Women in Bible
Each year, we highlight current topics of interest to our churches.  This year we focused on finding resources on Women in the Bible.
We have DVDs, videos and books for those conducting children or adult studies on this popular topic. 
For a list of our resources for children, click here.
For a list of our resources for adult studies, click here.
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