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Highlights from the Spring 2014 Newsletter
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Here are some examples of past newsletters that kept our members informed on what was happening at the Ecumenical Media Resource Center:
* what's new in our catalog
* what's new on our website
* upcoming events and conferences
* Activity resource kits
* Curriculum resourcing including VBS preview materials
Due to a reduction in our staffing, we publish newsletters occasionally.  But we can still help you prepare your Church School curriculums and spiritual teachings with timely and relevant advice and suggestions.  Just call the office and speak to one of our staff members.             Copyrightę 2008-2015, Northern California Ecumenical Media Resource Center, All Rights Reserved

Read the Fall 2011 newsletter  
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Read the Spring 2012 newsletter
Read the Summer 2011 newsletter
Read past year's quarterly newsletters
Read the Spring 2014 Newsletter to learn about new kits that would make a good VBS study.
Check out our new kit, DVM-310 Heifer International Global Education Resource Kit.  This is a 3 DVD set with 5 sessions per DVD.  Includes a leader's guide.
A Journey to Africa: this DVD is ideal for 1st/2nd graders.  See how Heifer is helping Africa.
A Journey to China: this DVD is ideal for 3rd/4th graders.  See how Heifer is helping China.
A Journey to Armenia: this DVD is ideal for 5th/6th graders.  See how Heifer is helping Armenia.
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We thank our members for many years of support.  We're asking our members for additional financial support to ensure that we can continue to offer our valuable services.  Collectively sharing the cost of buying media has allowed our members access to expensive and a greater number of media resources.  Please contact us with your suggestions and donations to help keep this great resource center open.   Read more here.
New Library Hours:  we are open 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Catalog Searching: the catalog is always available on our website.  Give us a call if you can't find something you're looking for.