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This is the place to find current, timely Christian media resources at a price any church can afford.  We have over 3000 DVDs, videotapes, sample curricula, films, activity kits, and games.
Powerful Programs:  for adult study, youth programming and church school classes. 
From Well-Known Producers: Concordia, Word, United Methodist Teleketics, Friendship Press, Augsburg and many more!
Use these materials to help spark discussions about Christ's teachings and the Bible, Church History, comparative religion, family life, and parenting. 
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To find library materials: select a drop-down menu item from the catalog button found on the top of each page, click here to view or download entire catalog, or use the catalog search box.
The catalog Google search box is found on every page in the pink drawer on the left hand side.
Enter a search topic, title, media type, author or keyword in the empty box and then click on the Search button just to the right of the search box.  A google search window comes up and displays possible matching entries it finds in the catalog and our website.  You can now click on all relevant entries to see more detailed information.
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We've organized our materials by age group, media type, and by topic.  Read short descriptions, explore our library resources or research a topic:
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