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The Jesus Fatwah, Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor as Yourself

New - DVD series available from Media Resource Center

What Do Muslims Believe?


Make 2016 the time your church takes steps to better understand your Muslim neighbors.  Stop ignorance from contributing to fear and possibly hate, all the opposite of Jesus' teaching. 
Most Christians know very little about what Muslims believe.  Recent events around the world, even here in United States, are leading some to forget Jesus' admonition to "love your neighbor as yourself".  That includes our Muslim neighbors too.
We have added an excellent DVD series called, "The Jesus Fatwah, Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor as Yourself"  This DVD series can help your church members better understand what Islam teaches, what "fatwahs" or rules the Muslim next door really believes and seeks to follow. This DVD series will help dispell all the misinformation that abounds on the Internet and TV today. 
There are five episodes, each about 20 minutes long.  On the DVD's, Islamic and Christian scholars offer reliable information about what Muslims believe, how they live out their faith, and how we all can be about building relationships across the lines of faith.
Invite a local Muslim to your church to answer questions and make your learning a more personal experience. Contact the Media Resource Center who will put you in touch with our Board member, Miriam Kishi, or her Muslim friend, Samir Laymoun, who has kindly offered to be a direct contact for your church to the local Muslim community.
Click here to find out about Upcoming Events.  For example, March 14, 2016 Samir will present "What do Muslims Believe?"
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