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Of Interest To Families

How we work out being "family friendly"

"My kids marvel at what they used to call their 'big people friends' at church.
Now they just say it feels like they have lots of aunts, uncles
and grandparents and they really love it."

(a Stone Church parent)


Every Sunday, during Worship and Adult Education time:

We provide a nursery for babies and small children. It is always open during normal Sunday worship hours and Adult Education class times, and for certain other special events. During worship it is available for children ages 0-3 inclusive; on other occasions (including Sunday Adult Ed) it is for children ages 0-10 inclusive. It is welcoming and professionally staffed. Complete details on using this facility are provided on our Child Care web page, available by clicking Here.

VCS 2007

We also have a full Church School and Youth program. Details of these classes, programs and fellowship opportunities are shown on our Christian Education web page, available by clicking Here.

During the worship service, we have a short message especially for children, who gather in the front of the sanctuary during that time. On occasion older children have been liturgists, ushers and faith sharers. Some play occasionally in instrumental groups as part of worship. From High School and older, young people are welcome to sing in choir.

We reserve a section of the church library just for kids and have books for parents about parenting.


We find lots of ways to have fun together:

Ski Trip 2006

Here is a partial list of family-oriented activities our church provides:

  • An annual family ski trip to the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center, on the shores of Lake Tahoe, usually in January;
  • An annual "Fat Tuesday" talent show, open to presenters of all ages, including children;
  • An Easter Egg hunt, especially for children;
  • An annual summer outdoor worship in an attractive nearby park, followed by a picnic and games;
  • An annual August family camping trip;
  • An annual parent's day out in December, organized by Deacons.
Other events in the recent past, which may be repeated, include:
  • Family movie nights;
  • Christmas pageant/musical where children are the performers.


Our Children and Youth Participate in Mission:

Youth Work Trip 2006

Children and young people participate in Mission through Church School, and also out in the community. The latter provides a different experience because children are working along side the rest of the congregation in projects outside of the familiar church environment. Here are a few examples:

  • Children helped pick up trash at Guadalupe River Gardens during our all Church Mission day;
  • Children helped with wetland restoration for Save the Bay;
  • Stone Church provides opportunites for youth to serve as Deacons and Elders;
  • The High School Fellowship Group performs volunteer construction work in needy communities. (They generally do one project each year, mentored in the process by experienced adults.)
  • Family members of all ages, including children, take part in the CROP Walk as Stone Church members join this large ecumenical hunger relief effort each spring.


We Study, too:

We have had speakers and forums to discuss parenting.

  • Denise Roy, well-known in the field of parenting, has presented twice to Stone in recent years;
  • We are also involved with the very well regarded program Project Cornerstone;
  • We provide opportunities for Mothers to form Soul Feast groups for spiritual formation and support during their parenting years;
  • On occasion, we provide scholarships for youth to aid them in their studies.


Do you have questions?

Contact the church office, phone: (408) 269-1593


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