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Leadership at Stone
Those who serve at Stone Church as elected officers and members of committees are the keys to our ministry. Accepting a role in the church's leadership is an appropriate response to Christ's call for all the people of God to be ministers of the Gospel. Because our leadership is broad-based, employing the gifts of many people across the full scope of the church's ministry and mission, there are places for every interest, every talent, every person.

The office of Deacon is set forth in Scripture as one of sympathy, witness and service, after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons are elected by the congregation and are ordained as officers of the church. The Deacons focus on a ministry of care to the congregation, assisting the pastors in bringing the presence of the church to the needs of God's people. There are 21 adult Deacons and from one to three youth Deacons at Stone; as with Elders, each Deacon serves a three year term. Here is a more detailed overview of Deacon Led Events and Responsibilities.

If you are interested in serving as a Deacon, please contact the church office.


Click Here for a list of Deacons and their assignments for 2016-2017.

Click on the links below for a description of Deacons' assignments:
Christmas / Midwinter Event - Leader
Christmas / Midwinter Event
Easter Egg Hunt
Flower Coordinator
Greeters Coordinator
Memorials Liaison
Nominating Committee Representative
Parents' Day Out
Prayer Chain - Leader
Prayer Chain
PW Moderator
Spring Event - Leader
Spring Event
Stephen Ministry
Stone Cares - Leader
Stone Cares
Taizé Coordinator
Vice Moderator
Visitation - Coordinator

The Deacon's Prayer Chain is a confidential service of Stone Church in which Deacons individually pray daily for those in need of our prayers. For 2016-17, to add yourself or a loved one who requests prayer to the list, call or email Bill Lakatos or Maureen Ryan with your information. We will make the addition and confirm that with you. You will then be contacted monthly for any changes to be made, or to be removed from the list when your special need for prayer has passed.


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