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Cool Campaign Team Page

Here are the Stone Church "Cool Campaign" team members. You may send questions to any of them.

Rhonda Lakatos will be the communications
lead on our Cool Campaign. Contact her
with questions about the program.

Alison van Diggelen will contribute
ideas to engage the entire family
in caring for the earth.
Derk and Jonathan
The Green Men of Stone Church will
challenge you to live greener lives
and share your ideas with others.

Green is what we're all about!

John Leih, inveterate biker, will give ideas for
increasing your bike use while getting good
exercise. Watch for another Bike To Church
Day in the Spring, or join him any Sunday.

Suzy Brooks (and Isaac) will share ideas
about keeping an environmentally friendly
home that's healthy for kids.
Virginia Holtz, a member of the Santa Clara
County Open Space Authority, will share
ideas for getting outdoors to enjoy the beauty
and learn of the fragility of this earth.

Hilleguus Faber will share ideas for
planting native and other drought tolerant
plants and caring for them in
environmentally friendly ways.

Rod Thorn, an environmental advocate and
the Stone Church webmaster, will post
monthly challenges and our survey results
and other great tips for greening our lives.
Ellen Wilkinson, Acterra Cool Campaign
Director will support this Stone Church Cool
Team and our community in our efforts to fight
global warming. Keep up the great work!


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