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Cool Campaign Monthly Challenges

In your own home, every single day, there are countless actions you and your family can take that will make a difference in the fight against global warming. Explore the challenges presented here with your family and select those that you're ready to try now (we'll provide new ones each month).

Your work is to try to practice new behaviors--such as turning down the thermostat--for the next 30 days until they become habits. For one-time actions--such as installing CFLs--set aside time next weekend to tackle them, and get your family to help!

If you get stuck, ask your community for ideas, or if you discover a helpful tip on your own, share it! You can tell us how you're doing at the end of the month in a short on-line survey we will email you about. Good luck!

If we could see our CO2 emissions, would we change? Watch the video at right and see what you think.

Holiday Season Challenges:

June Challenges: Your Consumer Footprint June

May Challenges: Things You Plug In May

April Challenges: Transportation April

March Challenges: Hot Water March

February Challenges: Winter Heat and Light Feb


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