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Cool Campaign May Challenge

Raise Your Refrigerator/Freezer Temperatures
Most Americans' refrigerators and freezers are set colder than they need to be.

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Unplug Unused or "Off" Appliances
Stop Energy Drains from Unused or "Off" Appliances
If you don't unplug low-use kitchen and home entertainment devices and/or put high-use items on power strips, guess what? They're still using energy!

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Old Appliances
Replace Worn-Out Appliances with Efficient Ones Upgrade your large appliances to an Energy Star model. We offer guidelines to help you select the right appliance for your needs.

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Wash Dishes More Efficiently
Selecting the air-dry setting on your dishwasher or simply opening the door to let dishes air-dry can cut your dishwasher's energy costs by 40%. There are other dishwashing tricks you can try to save even more energy.

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Second Fridge
Retire Your Second Refrigerator/Freezer
An old refrigerator or freezer could account for more than 20% of your electricity bill. Recycle it and get a check from PG&E!

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refrigerator2 Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient
A refrigerator costs the average American family $120 a year in electricity, but it doesn't have to.

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October Challenges: Things You Plug In - Cool Campaign - Master Site
Make Your Home Office More Efficient
The home office has more devices that are left on for hours on end than anywhere else in the house.

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Conduct Your Own Energy Audit

If you really want to get into the numbers and do a serious audit of your electricity use, see Measure Your Carbon Footprint. If you want to see how much electricity a particular appliance or gadget uses, or if you want to show your kids just how little electricity a CLF really uses, check out a Kill-A-Watt meter from the Home Greening Kit and get ready for some fun!


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