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Cool Campaign Holiday Challenge

Did you know that 25% more waste is generated during the holiday season than at any other time during the year?

During the traditional holiday season, many of us are too busy decorating, shopping and celebrating to think of much else. It's a time to give thanks and slow down, if you can, but it's also a good time to learn how to have a greener holiday. This month, you won't be asked to take a survey about the challenges presented here. But we hope you'll work on them nevertheless as a show of gratitude for the earth and it's bounty, and to deepen your commitment to reduce your carbon footprint.

100-Mile Holiday Meal
Serve a 100-mile Holiday Meal

The average meal travels 1,400 miles from it's source to your table. This holiday season, build your celebratory meal around food grown within 100-miles of home to save energy and to get to know the best local sources for delicious foods.
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Cook More Efficiently
Cook More Efficiently (good to do year-round)

Since you're likely to be in the kitchen more than usual during the holidays, it's a good time to practice how you can use 50% less energy than someone else cooking exactly the same meal.
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Feel-good Gift Giving
Feel-Good Gift Giving

It's tough to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list, but there are solutions that can be meaningful and green too.
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Decorating for the Holidays
Decorating for the Holidays

From twinkly lights to Christmas trees, traditional holiday decorations consume a larger-than-you-might-think amount of energy. There are better choices that will still dazzle the eye.
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